Abcon is an organisation that prides itself on quality.

We believe that only by getting things right first time, are we able to offer you true value for money and peace of mind, while still delivering on time and to budget.

Our emphasis on quality is what wins us glowing testimonials and repeat business, from customers who demand the very highest standards.

We put quality at the heart of everything we do, to ensure that we continually meet our exceptionally high standards:

Quality Of Staff

To begin with, we employ only the brightest staff, and train them well. By instilling the importance of quality into our staff from the word go, we ensure we are giving ourselves the best possible start.

Our senior managers and Project Managers set good examples for their developers and help foster a culture of quality. We set our own high standards internally and stick to them: because it makes us proud; and because it keeps our customers happy.

Quality Of Processes

We enforce quality through our Agile methodologies, and the process of “design, demo, improve”. We make use of interface and user experience prototypes, Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development wherever they will add value.

We subject everything we produce to a thorough review process – this covers code review, of course, but also user stories, wireframes, test plans and documentation. We consider this an essential part of both the development process, and of on-going employee training.