Legacy System Migration

Is your critical system past its use-by date?

Is it struggling to cope with increased demand, or with changes in your business needs?

Or has supporting it become a major drain on resources?

We can help you decide what to do.

It might be advisable to build a new system from scratch – or it might not. Either way, your legacy code represents a lot of effort, and the more value you can extract from it, the more you can reduce your upgrade costs.

Our business analysts establish what you have and what you need in order to help you do just that. We’ll propose a detailed,pragmatic approach to moving to your new system whilst not losing sight of what worked with the old.

When migrating to a new system there’s a lot to think about, and by taking advantage of our experience and expertise you canreduce business risk and save yourself time and money.

We focus on data migration from the beginning of the development process, to ensure that when the time comes, nothing is lost, and we plan the switch-over meticulously to ensure the absolute minimum downtime.

A new system can bring countless benefits to your business, and with our help you can make sure it pays for itself.