A common problem when commissioning a software project is lack of flexibility in the supplier.

Lack of flexibility risks your project adapting to meet the needs of your supplier, rather than vice versa, as it should be.

Sadly, many companies lack the capacity, desire or skill to work in a range of technologies, sectors or engagement models.

Softwire are different. We value, and thrive on flexibility. The more flexible we are, the better we can adapt to the needs of a project, customer or situation, and the more value we can add.

This gives us a big advantage over the competition:

  • Suppliers who offer only one approach or skillset deliver worse quality – because they use that approach even where inappropriate.
  • Suppliers without our exceptional quality of staff can’t offer customers the flexibility we do – because they cannot adapt as quickly or well as we do.
  • Suppliers without our flexibility can’t offer a service that is truly tailored to your business – as we do every day for some of thebiggest names around.

Our flexible approach applies to everything from technology choices (we can work in any common technology you care to name) to commercial engagement (we’ll work fixed price, time and materials or on retainer). We can work as a standalone team taking total responsibility for a project, as developers supplementing your existing team or anything in between.

We work throughout the project lifecycle and can help you whatever stage you’re at with your project. We’ve successfully delivered projects in market sectors as diverse as travel, finance, digital publishing, defence and many others.